“Meditation, it is not what you think.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn, Professor of Medicine Emeritus and author


Workshop "Meditation For Achievers"

Whether you are searching for a little calm and inner peace, more energy or more compassion, this workshop will bring you and your teammembers the tools to find it. The content is applicable, down-to-earth and especially developed for achievers with a busy schedule, work related pressure and a rich social and family life. 
In only 4 hours you will discover ways to de-stress and find calm within yourself. Each participant will formulate his/her goals and motives and together with the teacher we will plan your Personal Meditation Challenge.


- What is meditation?
- Why meditate?
- What is stress really?
- Several exercises and techniques
- Here-and-now experiences
- Personal Meditation Challenge
- How can I maintain my meditation practice?


Set the dates for your team members either offsite or in a designated space in your office.



€ 99,- p.p. / with a minimum of 6 participants

For two years Dennis Roelofsen lived in Shanghai, China. His job as a Retail Director in the hustle & bustle of the city took its toll and forced him to deepen his yoga and meditation practice. Without a doubt this made him more productive, more calm and happier than ever. In 2015 he initiated ClearheadClub to bring yoga and meditation to the corporate world. He also gives meditation classes at SportCity, Yagoy and De Bewustzijnschool in Amsterdam.

Are you an achiever that could use a little help? Are you ready for your Personal Meditation Challenge? Enroll here:


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