Photograph by RVDA

Dennis Roelofsen

CO-FOUNDER & meditation coach

For the past 15 years Dennis has helped consumer brands to grow in Europe and China. For two years Dennis lived in Shanghai, China. His job as a Retail Director in the hustle & bustle of the city took its toll and forced him to pick up yoga and meditation. Without a doubt this made him more productive, more calm and happier than ever. Coming home he realized that not everyone was ready for yoga in a studio or meditation in lotus position. But who wouldn’t benefit from a physical and mental boost during a working day?
His background in martial arts (Wing Chun Kung Fu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) forms a great foundation for his personal yoga and meditation practice. You can listen to his voice during guided meditations.


Kari Littley

Managing partner

Kari is always up for a challenge!  However, this also backfired a few years ago, resulting in a burn-out which gave her more balance and fulfilment than she could ever imagine. 

She has a Bachelors degree in Commercial Sports Economics and after many years of working in a corporate environment and playing high level sports. Her yoga practise on the side gave her a completely different meaning to life so she decided to study further in that direction. After deepening her knowledge with different trainings in yoga, pilates and health, she has now found the perfect combination where she can practise and preach what she loves most within the corporate field.


Asha Hossain

program director & yoga-coach

Asha is a strong advocate of replacing judgement with curiosity. And has developed a habit of improving other people's lives through the "why?" and the "how?".  
She has a strong business foundation through recruitment and careercoaching experience but wanted to pursue a job that aligned more with her values. She took training in Mental & Tranformational coaching and Ayurvedic Nutrition. And her curiosity lead her to the ashram in India and the Brazilian jungle where she took some of her yoga education. As our Program Director she's in charge of all yoga-technical aspects of ClearheadClub. Asha has a great smile.

 Vuur Photography 

Vuur Photography 


Sarina Richartz

YOGA & Mindfullness - coach

Sarina is one of the most well-rounded coaches in the field: having studied and coached in all kinds of movements and sports including running, kickboxing and yoga. She was originally trained in Ashtanga (Power) Yoga but nowadays she's skilled in many different yoga and mindfulness forms. As a coach and personal trainer she has helped many individuals and teams retrieve their physical and mental strength over the last 10 years. 

Her core source of pleasure and inspiration is to see other people grow as a person and in consciousness.



Pieter Schop

Breath work, Mindfulness & Playful Connection

During his life journey Pieter has discovered that most key questions in life will be answered in the space of silence and conscious awareness. Pieter found his life mission; facilitating people to connect with their self and each other in an accessible and playful way. In order to find guidance, joy and direction in life and reduce stress.

Pieter studied Marketing (MSc) and worked as a management trainee and marketing and sales professional, followed by trainings in the field of personal development (e.g. ORMIT leadership program), conscious breath work (Definest) and mindfulness (See True). This made him more focussed, calm, attentive and creative.