“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes everyday - unless you're too busy; then you should sit for an hour.” 

Sukhray s. Dhillon - author of "art of stress-free living"


Yoga, the physical, mental and spiritual activity that finds its roots in India is the 4th fastest growing industry in the US and fastest growing 'sport' activity in The Netherlands. The International Yoga Federation estimated that 300 million people worldwide are practicing yoga. And this is for a reason: Yoga has many benefits on the mind, body and soul.

Physical domain* 

What we do:

1 - Activation and relaxation of the body
2 - Stretching and muscle building exercises
3 - Breathing exercises

Physical benefits:

- A stronger, more flexible body
- Physical stress gets released
- Healthier organs and overall healthier physique
- Weight loss / return to natural bodyweight can be a side effect
- Undo the effects of sitting-time
- Increased body awarenes
- Greater allignment with mental & emotional health  



of yoga practitioners is highly educated.


less chance of cardiovascular disease because of a regular yoga practice.


working days are lost each year due to stress and anxiety.


Mental domain*

What we do:

1 - Unplug from everything else
2 - Observe thoughts and breath
3 - Create allignment between body and mind

Mental benefits:

- Reduced stress levels and improved stress management
- A clear head with a higher tolerance for change
- Improved concentration and productivity
- Better judgement and improved prioritizing skills
- Higher energy levels
- Improved capacity for learning and retaining information
- Increased self-awareness and sense of responsibility
- Greater allignment with emotional & physical health  


Emotional domain*

What we do:

1 - Establish rituals of calm, rhythm and clarity
2 - Observe emotions and emotional behaviour
3 - Opening the heart

Emotional benefits:

- Improved relationships and teamwork
- Greater emotional stability and balance
- Increased individual self-knowledge and self-worth
- Reduced levels of stress, anxiety, fear, anger, depression and worry
- More positivity in actions, communication and relationships
- Increased engagement and commitment
- Greater allignment with mental & physical health  


*On a spiritual note

The essence of yoga is to find and live a happy, peaceful and joyfilled life. We are absolutely certain that with a regular practice you will start seeing & feeling the benefits on deep spiritual levels. But ClearheadClub comes to aid those who need it most. And those who need it most always start with the physical and mental aspects of yoga to loosen and open up. Please tell us your experiences on now@clearheadclub.com.