“When distractions no longer get to you, there will be room for connection, inspiration & productivity.” 

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Business Yoga

ClearheadClub is Europe's first dedicated office yoga company. We have developed a totally new style of yoga for everyone sitting in an office: this signature session is Clearhead30: it can be performed right at your desk and it doesn't involve any yoga-mats, change of clothes or sweating. Besides this we offer Yoga On The Mat, Meditation & Mindfulness for corporations and events. But the best thing you can do in order to sustainably get your team energized and in shape is this: a custom-made Vitality Program.


“It's important that people feel that they're part of the company and that the company is like a family to them. When you treat people that way, you get better productivity.”

— Larry page, ceo GOOGLE




So we offer yoga and meditation to the corporate community. But what do we really do? We equip your team with tools to regain focus and perspective, to relieve the mind and reduce individual stress, to achieve balance and to become more mindful, take control and be able to plan ahead. We help worriers turn themselves into warriors and managers into leaders. 

1 > Healtier employees see with more clarity and perform with higher productivity,
2 > They build stronger relationships with themselves, co-workers and customers,
3 > And they have a positive effect on their surroundings with lower sickness absence    as a result,
4 > Our booking and monitoring tools make all this effortless for employees.

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Trusted by brands: from established internationals to local startups, we work with you for optimum results. These are some of the companies that are working on their physical and mental health with us:


Our Mission

We believe that success is not the key to happiness but that happiness is the key to success. (If not the definition of success.) Therefore a happier workforce is a more successful workforce. Our aim is to bring health, happiness and teamwork to the office space through the wisdom of yoga & meditation. Our services are accessible for all employees, applicable for all employers and as down-to-earth as it can be. 



of all millionaires have some sort of yoga or meditation practice.


of our results are on a physical level. The rest is beneficial to the mental, emotional and spiritual state.


of all employers are willing to contribute to their team's health but don't know how or where to start.


Everybody can enjoy the benefits of ClearheadClub. No matter the company size or the physical level. We offer a wide variety of sessions to companies and even OpenClasses that are publicly accessible in heart of business districts. So, whether you are a large corporation looking for a weekly program, an energizing event kick-off or a smaller entrepreneur looking to get in shape yourself, don't hesitate to contact us. 

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We have opportunities to start your own ClearheadClub business today. We offer you training, certification and all the support you need to focus on your clients and your yoga business, wherever you're located. If you have some sort of business background and yoga certifications, please send your picture, resume and a description of your yoga journey to now@clearheadclub.com   

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